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June 15, 2013
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Standing in an elevator with a group of sweaty avengers was no walk in the park. First of all, you were packed together like sardines and second of all, it didn't smell to hot.

"What kind of food do you guys usually eat?" You asked, trying to make small talk in the elevator.

"Anything Bruce cooks, he's the only one who can cook," Steve answered, tapping his foot in time with the soft elevator music in the background.

"So, Dr. Banner is the one who cooks around here?"

"Yeah," Clint glanced up, "J.A.R.V.I.S., what time is it?"

"3 o' clock, sir."

"He probably already started, I think I might go shower before we eat," Clint stated.

"I think I shall to," Thor said.

"Am I right to presume that I'll be the only one getting off?" You asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup," Natasha said as the elevator doors dinged open, "We'll see you in about an hour."

"Alright!" You gave a small wave as you walked out, the elevator closing behind you.

The elevator had opened into a short hallway with a door less doorway on the left. You walked over to the doorway and peered in to see Bruce doing something on the stove while Tony fiddled with his phone.

"Um, hi." You said awkwardly, stepping all the way into the room.

Bruce turned and smiled at you, absentmindedly pushing his glasses up. "I don't believe we've been properly introduced yet, I'm Bruce Banner." He stuck his hand out to you and you took it to shake. "I'm guessing you already know who I am?" Bruce nodded his head and gave you a small smile before turning back to stirring something on the stove.

"(Y/N), I have a question for you," Tony's voice asked, you turned around to see him scrolling through something on his phone.

"Why aren't you in any known public records?" You stood there for a few seconds, unsure of what to say. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

He put his phone down and looked at you with his soft brown eyes, "Try me."

You sighed and walked over to the counter he was sitting at. You sat down a bar stool away from him and dropped your head into your hands, "I guess I'll start from the beginning."

You told him how you had been working the late shift, about the weird bolt of lightning and how it had looked, and you told him all you could remember about the cat and how the brakes on your car hadn't worked.

"Oh and also, where I'm from you guys are comic book characters..." You trailed off and finally looked up to see both Bruce and Tony deep in thought. "Comic book characters? Like Superman?" Tony questioned, looking over at you.

"You guys have Superman to? I wonder if the DC universe is also real....Anyways yeah, comic book characters. And movie characters."

"They made a movie about us?" Brue asked, looking at you incredulously. "Umm, yeah. Might I add that you guys look a lot like the actors." You pretended to take a sudden interest in your finger nails.

"We should talk to Thor about this; he's the world hopping one." Tony's voice said. You glanced back up to see that he was once again scrolling through his phone.

"I agree, Thor will probably know what happened," Bruce turned back to the stove, continuing to mix whatever was on it.

"Thank you," You turned back and looked at Tony in surprise. "For what?" You questioned. "For telling the truth, it's not something many people do now a days."

"How'd you know I was telling the truth?" You asked. Tony smirked, "There's a lie detector on my phone." You rolled your eyes and smiled, Typical Tony Stark...

About an hour later, the other avengers came downstairs and joined you. Tony told them everything that you had told them, with Bruce and you sometimes interrupting to add more details.

Out of all the avengers, Thor looked the most troubled. "How do you think you ended up here?" Steve asked you. His back was leaning against the counter next to the stove, his chin resting on his fist.

"I don't know," You said quietly, overwhelmed by the silence in the room.

The room was silent until Bruce cleared his throat, "Who's hungry?"
You helped set up the table, your waitress skills kicking in. "Need help?" You asked Bruce, who looked like he had his hands full with pots and bowls of food. "Yeah, here." Bruce handed you a couple of bowls and you looked at him expectantly, "I can balance more, I'm a part time waitress."

"Oh, well, thanks. Take as much as you can carry. Most of the food's for Thor, he eats like an elephant." You smiled at his statement remembering how in the movie Thor had eaten an entire box of pop-tarts. You started out of the giant kitchen towards the large dining room before glancing back at Bruce who was following behind you, "Hey Bruce?"

He stopped and looked at you, "Yeah?"

"Does Thor like pop-tarts?"

"He eats them faster than we can buy them, how'd you know?" Bruce shifted some of the bowls in his arms.

You smiled to yourself, "Just a thought."

You helped set up the food on the table in front of the avengers, who were already seated at the round mahogany red dining table.

Steve began to dish out food, making sure to give Thor the most. You smiled to yourself as you saw Steve bend his head over in silent prayer.

You sat down in between Thor and Natasha and began to eat quietly as the table exploded with conversation.

"But that doesn't even make sense!" You caught a snippet of Steve's voice before Tony's drifted over, "If you take a particle accelerator and..."

You tuned them out and ate, deep in thought. You began going through people in your mind who might have brought you here.

Red Skull? No.... The tesseract destroyed him...

Dr. Strange? But why would he mess with the balance of the worlds like that...

M.O.D.O.K.? Why would he have interest in a normal mortal like me......

You dropped your fork and it clattered onto your plate, causing everyone to turn and look at you.

Oh my God, Loki brought me here... finally told them!!! Annnnd I promise Loki will show up soon!!!

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